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Gallimaufry [1 of 1]

"Gallimaufry": heterogeneous mixture, jumble, medley; from Fr. galimafrée, etymology dubious (SOED)

Exhausted homing pigeon

1. Are you GMDSS-equipped yet? This experimental bit of kit arrived onboard
exhausted off St Alban's Head (12/06/99: 1830), leaving again, fed, watered and refreshed the following morning when a few miles east of the Owers.
Flew off strongly in the direction of Portsmouth.

2. This photograph of Rose Rambler's plaque on the old harbour wall at Horta was taken by a competitor in the 1987 AZAB race. In 1993 it was reported badly faded. Has anyone seen it more recently?
Harbour wall, Horta

Question mark symbol 3. During rewiring in 1997, poking about in the narrow space between port lodging knee and deck planking in Rose Rambler's fo'c'stle brought to light a "pocket-sized" English-French/French-English dictionary, a tiny volume in the "Midget" series, published by Burgess & Bowes Ltd, Waterloo Road NW2. The knee forms a little shelf, handily placed for the occupant of the fo'c'stle berth. One imagines a sudden lurch to port and the dictionary wedging itself firmly out of reach above the beam shelf. The forenames "John Anthony Richard" are clearly inscribed on the flyleaf, but the surname is very faded. "J. A. R. who", one wonders, and when exactly, and where bound?

4. They're readily available, cost nothing, and in conjunction with a pair of pliers have a thousand and one uses -- everything from an emergency aerial to pan clamps (a recent letter in the yachting press told of being unable to use a brand new cooker at sea for lack of fiddles). No well-found vessel should ever put to sea without a supply of them. What are they? Click the image to find out!
Blank screen

Lee Sails logo 5. The time having arrived to replace Rose Rambler's working sails, I reflected on the fact that all who, over the years, had
been asked to repair or valet the old ones, had invariably commented on how well made they were. Hats off, then, to Lee Sails, firstly for having made a set of sails that did stout service for all of 23 years, and secondly for retaining on file since 1978 "Mr Barton's detailed specification". The new sails won't exactly replicate the old, but I'm confident they'll be every bit as good. Next set due in 2024!

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