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Below decks [2 of 5] -- Galley & Chart Table

Rose Rambler's galley Cook's corner ...

Rose Rambler's chart table Navigator's corner


In 1963 paraffin was still more widely available than bottled gas, so Rose Rambler's original cooker was a two-burner Taylor paraffin stove fuelled from a large tank in the stern locker. After a brief flirtation with LPG, a new Taylor 029 was installed in 1984. Now, though, paraffin is much less easy to find.

Chart Table

One of the few modifications made to the accommodation is aft of the chart table where a quarter berth has been created in the space under the starboard cockpit seat (originally a locker housing a Stuart Turner-powered generator). A casualty in the process was the original ice-chest built in beneath the chart table and an essential feature of any design aimed at the US market. Still going strong are the original (?) Brookes & Gatehouse Hecta Echo Sounder and Harrier Log, also the seemingly indestructible Thos. Walker & Sons Towing Log.

Sitting comfortably on the engine box, the cook need only swivel 180° to metamorphose into the navigator.

Photos by Andy Foster

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